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Featured Bands / DJ's
Justin Lampe
Justin Lampe
Keep The Change Band
Keep The Change Band
Radio Neon
Radio Neon
Up Next
Up Next
Ollie's Pool Party
Ollie's Pool Party
Featured Venues
P.J. Whelihan's - Cherry Hill
P.J. Whelihan's - Cherry Hill
P.J. Whelihan's - Blue Bell
P.J. Whelihan's - Blue Bell
Ned Devine's - Herndon
Ned Devine's - Herndon
Maggie May's Campus Pub
Maggie May's Campus Pub
Baia Restaurant
Baia Restaurant

LiveList Schedule for the week of

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Wed, June 29th

Elaines Dinner Theatre ---- Radio Neon - 5:00 PM (Duo)
Ugly Mug ---- Radio Neon - 10:30 PM

Thu, June 30th

Conshohocken Beer Garden ---- Barclay M.O. - 6:00 PM
Plumsteadville Pub ---- DJ TRUBBLEMAKER - 9:00 PM (Every Thursday is Country Night with $1.50 pints & $3 grape b)
Springfield Inn ---- Goodman Fiske - 10:00 PM
Tir Na Nog Bar & Grill ---- Up Next (Duo)
Trophy Tavern ---- Barclay M.O. - 10:00 PM
Westy's Irish Pub ---- Radio Neon - 10:00 PM

Fri, July 1st

Boathouse Restaurant ---- Justin Lampe - 4:00 PM ((Solo))
Carney's - Cape May ---- Fish Out Of Water
Con Murphy's ---- Justin Lampe - 8:30 PM ((Duo))
Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races ---- Ollie's Pool Party
JD McGillicuddy's Drexel Hill ---- Barclay M.O. - 9:30 PM
Parker House ---- Up Next - 7:30 PM
Ram's Head Tavern ---- Barclay M.O. - 6:00 PM
Ugly Mug ---- Radio Neon - 10:30 PM

Sat, July 2nd

Echos ---- Ollie's Pool Party
Flip Flopz ---- Fish Out Of Water
Keenan's Irish Pub ---- Justin Lampe - 5:00 PM ((Duo))
Springfield Inn ---- Goodman Fiske - 10:00 PM
Westy's Irish Pub ---- Radio Neon - 10:00 PM
Windrift ---- Up Next

Sun, July 3rd

Bottle & Cork ---- Fish Out Of Water
Jimmy's Grille - Dewey ---- Fish Out Of Water (Acoustic 12-3)
JT Brewskis ---- Barclay M.O. - 7:00 PM
Sunset Grille - OC ---- Radio Neon
The Wharf - Wildwood ---- Up Next - 6:00 PM
Two Mile Landing - Wildwood Crest NJ ---- Ollie's Pool Party - 6:00 PM

Mon, July 4th

Barnaby's - West Chester ---- Keep The Change Band - 4:00 PM
Hammonton Twp. 150th Celebration ---- Goodman Fiske - 3:30 PM
The Wellwood Charlestown MD ---- Justin Lampe - 6:30 PM ((Duo))

Tue, July 5th

Keenan's Irish Pub ---- Goodman Fiske - 10:00 PM
McFadden's At Ball Park ---- Barclay M.O. - 5:00 PM
Windrift ---- Up Next (Duo)

Wed, July 6th

Bally's Bikini Beach Bar (fm. Sammy's) ---- Goodman Fiske - 8:00 PM
DeMarco's ---- Barclay M.O. - 6:00 PM
Elaines Dinner Theatre ---- Radio Neon - 5:00 PM (Duo)
McFadden's At Ball Park ---- Barclay M.O. - 11:00 AM
Ugly Mug ---- Radio Neon - 10:30 PM

Top Ranked Bands

Top Ranked Venues

1 Fish Out Of Water
2 Split Decision
3 Gypsy Wisdom
4 Burnt Sienna
5 The Benderz
6 Don't Call Me Francis
7 Go Go Gadjet
8 Drop Dead Sexy
9 Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous
10 Bigg Romeo
1 Tom N Jerry's Sports Pub
2 360 at Parx Casino
3 Gypsy Bar - Borgata
4 P.J. Whelihan's - Cherry Hill
5 Redz (fm. Roosevelt's)
6 Brownies 23 East
7 Shady Katie's
8 Adelphia
9 Craft House & Beer Garden (fm. Top Dog)
10 Bally's Atlantic City

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