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Many of today's cover bands are using backing tracks to expand their performance and provide a fuller sound for their audience. Recent technology along with the availability of music online has made the task of composing backing tracks easier than ever.

Karaoke-Version is one of the leading karaoke websites online today. They offer customizable accompaniment tracks which can be downloaded for a minimal cost. Once you have purchased a song, you can re-edit the tracks and re-download them as often as you wish. Most custom tracks include all instruments, backing vocals, lead vocals, and click track.

To use this type of file for an accompaniment sequence, first you would need to download two files (versions) from the same song. In the first file, you will select everything you want your audience to hear. In the second file, you will select the click track by itself. If the file does not contain a click track, you can produce your own click track with many different types of editing software such as ©GarageBand, ©Audacity or the like. Now import the two tracks into your favorite music editor and send one track to the left channel and the other to the right channel. This insures that when you split the output on the music file, your audience hears only the accompanying music and not the annoying click that your drummer needs to hear to stay in time with the track. The best on-stage set up would be to have the click channel sent to the drummer (using in-ear monitors) and the music channel sent to the stage monitors ( for the rest of the band ) and main house cabinets ( for the audience ). That's it!

Check out some of the popular backing tracks they have to offer below. Clicking on a link will redirect you to their website where you can search the custom accompaniment tracks and begin choosing songs.

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